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I am a digital product designer infatuated with efficiency, functionality, and brand.

As someone with a background in general design, what intrigued me the most about UX design was the fact that most, if not all, design decisions could be validated in some way or another. This stood in stark contrast to traditional art, where aesthetics are subjective, and "good design" is often based on personal opinions. I am very intrigued by the research and testing because I always catch myself being oohed and awed by the feedback and data.

I was born and raised in Milan, Italy. I'm a bilingual, dyslexic, creative, empathetic, a dachshund-lover, espresso-drinking woman. I pride myself on having no ego and fully dedicate that I am not designing for myself but, for the user. Efficiency and working smarter, not harder, are essential to me, I also have a side business called Swizzle Candles, where I make cocktail-inspired hand-poured soy candles. 


JA Studio
Head Designer, Freelance 
April 2024-Present 

Charleson, SC

Product Designer 
August 2023-March 2024

Product Designer 
September 2021-May 2023

UX Designer
January 2021-September 2021

July 2019-May 2020

The Local Palate Magazine
Graphic Designer
July 2017-May 2019


Duomo of Milan

UX Bootcamp

Studio Art, Bachelor of Arts
Rollins College

App and Web Mobile Design — SaaS Product Design — User Education — User Interface Design — Data-Driven Design — User Research — Feature Facilitation — Prototyping — Visual Design — User Experience Enhancements — Security-Centric Design —  Design System Implementation

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