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Swizzle Candles

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Named for the eponymous cocktail stirrer popularized in the early twentieth century, Swizzle Candle Company embodies the joyful spirit of imbibing. All of our scents are formulated by founder Jasmine Agosti, who draws inspiration from her life in Charleston and childhood in Italy to build the story behind each candle.


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Sweet Flyaway

Gin + Tonic with Lavender and Honey


Friendly and playful, this candle evokes summer evening breezes on a downtown Charleston piazza. Honey is the dominant scent but gives way to floral lavender and herbaceous gin botanicals. This delicate blend won’t overpower, but brings a soft, relaxing vibe—much like a lavender gin and tonic. 


Best enjoyed: Lightly tipsy on a quiet Friday evening as you unwind from the work week and look forward to the days ahead.

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Bourbon and Peach Nectar


This candle brings peaches straight from the tree and into your evening bourbon. It strikes the perfect balance between a deep, robust scent that evokes charred oak and spice and the fruit’s natural sweetness to lighten things up. 


Best enjoyed: With a partner or loved one, finally breaking into one of the good bottles you’re saving for a “special occasion,” because every day with them is worth celebrating.

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A Good Time

Bourbon, Eucalyptus, and Mint


Inspired by whipping up a cocktail on the fly for a nightcap with friends, this candle pairs the cooling effects of eucalyptus and mint with warming spice notes of bourbon. 


This is for: The creative; someone who can make something spectacular out of nothing.

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Johnny Boy

Palo Santo and Honey


A special scent close to founder Jasmine Agosti’s heart, this candle was inspired by her boyfriend Jonathan’s love of Palo Santo. He suggested pairing it with honey and, in turn, created one of her favorite Swizzle scents. The striking combination of these disparate elements tames the smoky, woodsy notes with earthy sweetness. 

Best enjoyed: Embracing palo santo’s purifying qualities and letting go of any bad energy you’ve been harboring.

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Folly Sunset

Pomegranate Bitters, Citron, and Mandarin


As any Charlestonian can attest, there’s nothing quite like a sunset on Folly Beach. With scent elements inspired by the sweeping colors of the sky at dusk—as well as the vibrancy of the local beach community—this unassuming white candle packs a strong, fruit-forward smell. 

This is for: The trend-setter; a vivacious character who stands out in a crowd.

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Garden Party

Fig, Peach, and Prosecco 


Summertime soirees and brunches on Charleston verandas inspired this breezy, sweet scent. The essence of ripe figs gives way to juicy peach and dry prosecco for a balanced candle that calls to mind light summer breezes.


This is for: The socialite; the one who always opts for a glass of bubbles

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Image by Mariana Ibanez

Low Tide

Sangria and Eucalyptus


This candle’s refreshing, calming eucalyptus takes you for a walk along the Charleston shoreline, where the warm sand meets the cool surf, while the fruity elements take you back to relaxing with a drink in-hand.

Best enjoyed: With a glass of sangria, of course, and the sound of waves crashing in the distance

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Image by Bon Vivant

Whiskey Sour

Mint, Lemon, and Bourbon


This candle is the perfect blend of traditionally masculine and feminine scents––smoky, woodsy notes from the bourbon paired with light, fresh lemon and mint. The resulting balanced aroma is both soothing and complex, a refreshing adaptation of the classic whiskey sour cocktail.

This is for: The mold-breaker; someone who defies expectations

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Milano 75

Lemon, Prosecco, and Gin


This play on the French 75 comes by way of founder Jasmine Agosti’s hometown of Milan, Italy. A soft, airy scent, this refreshing blend adds a gentle hint of fragrance without overpowering a room.


This is for: The one who appreciates the classics


Rum, Red Wine, and Honey


Inspired by a beverage common in the Dominican Republic, the romantic Mamajuana pairs a deep, alluring aroma of smoky rum and red wine with a touch of earthy sweetness for a robust scent.

Best enjoyed: During a cozy night in, paired with deep conversation and bottle of wine

Sullivan Tea

Tea and Mint


On a hot, sunny Charleston day, there’s nothing like a cold glass of iced tea. This combination of earthy tea notes and invigorating mint are as refreshing as the clinking ice before you take that first sip.


This is for: The sweet tea-lover; anyone who wants a touch of Charleston wherever they go

Station 28.5

Lime Soda and Ocean


Sullivan’s Island, just outside of Charleston, is divided into “stations,” vestiges of a time when electric trolleys dropped beachgoers off at numbered stops on the island. Station 28.5 is close to founder Jasmine Agosti’s heart: “It’s a place that brings me so much joy, where I’ve created and nurtured lifelong friendships.” She brings that timeless feeling to this candle, pairing the scent of the ocean with the essence of lime soda for a warm and breezy fragrance.


This is for: Ocean-lovers reminiscing on the warmth of the beach

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