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Brief Summary

Brief Summary

A startup has launched a product that helps people meet and make new friends. The company explains that when people move to a new city or town, fear and social anxiety can keep them from making plans. That’s why the product’s goal is to create a social user experience that will help users get out and do activities in-person.


User Interface, User Experience, Brand and Design Identity


UX UI Springboard Bootcamp



Problem Statement

Find solutions to increase the 
conversion of accepted invites 
to event attendees.

Secondary Research

Throughout my secondary researcher, I researched on three concepts to convert accepted invites to event attendees:


Social anxiety is an extreme fear in social settings. They fear being judged or scrutinized by others. They worry intensely about social situations and worrying for days or weeks before an event. They have difficulties such as meeting new people and dating. Many of them have support groups where they receive unbiased, honest feedback about how others in the group see them.


There are 7-steps to decision making:

1. Identify the decision

2. Gather relevant information 

3. Identify the alternatives 

4. Weigh the evidence 

5. Choose among alternatives 

6. Take action 

7. Review your decision and its consequences

Commitment to Events

Some relevant information I found was events should be more authentic than promotional, which means more relevant information with more value. Additionally, they report that attendees who can socialize and communicate with one another is helpful to the event. The primary reason people join membership organizations or attend paid events is to network with their peers. They come to meet each other more so than they come to experience your event.

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Primay Research

My findings were that the majority of people use facebook events as a source of looking for events. They attend events based on their own interests and get notified about events based off the suggestions of the application they are using.

The majority of the users stated that they think it would be a nice feature to be matched up with another attendee who’s going alone to have someone to go with, since most of them said they would feel nervous and anxious about attending alone. Additionally, the users shared that the reasons they don’t go to the events is because of the distance, cost, feeling ill or situations that up the day of.

They also shared that they liked getting reminders, mostly just notifications, some liked and disliked adding things to their calendar. They also shared having the option of “interested” and “going is really nice feature to have, instead of just the one option of going. They said having someone to go with motivates them to go much more than going alone.


5 participants


32+ Age


Moderated Skype
and Facetime


After evaluating my secondary and primary research, I developed some directions and solutions to the mission statement.

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After evaluating the participants I interviewed and the qualities that the startup was designing for, I came up with the persona, Marcus Higgins

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