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Fetcher helps high-growth companies find candidates whose talents, interests, and experience best match the needs of the job and the culture of the team. Fetcher believes when the right person is in the right role, the real magic happens. We built Fetcher to reduce the pain and expense of hiring so that organizations can focus their time on attracting talent and nurturing the growth and development of their people.


Rebrand-Brand and Design Identity, User Interface, User Experience and Website Rebrand



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Rebrand Goals:

- Bold, vibrant colors
- A B2B brand that feels more B2C
- Leaning into secondary colors to differentiate vs. competitors
- Leaning into logo/dog for branding and name recognition

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Brand Voice

Our brand is:
- Friendly
- Loyal
- Optimistic
- Savvy
- People-centric

Our brand is not:
- Boastful
- Dismissive
- Indifferent/Cold
- Overly eager
- Clichéd/buzzwordy

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Color Palette

Main Colors

The color palette is used for backgrounds and patterns. There are a total of four colors, black and white. The four main colors are paired, leaving the orange and yellow as a pair and blue and navy as the other. Do not intermix these two in a pattern or background.

Color Pairings 

The color pairings should always stick together as a unit. Using patterns, sections on the website, slides, and graphics should (almost) always use this as a pairing.

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Fictional people are people from stock photography. We want to make sure that the people we select carry the same personality traits as our brand: Friendly, Loyal, Optimistic, Savvy, and People-centric.


Dog Profile Pictures are used in our abstract interface designs. The dog photos should relate to our brand attributes; Friendly, Loyal, Optimistic, and Savvy. These photos should mimic a LinkedIn profile picture (centered, portrait mode, eye contract, and show personality). 


These collections of photos should include a story-telling aspect to them. For example, a glimpse of recruiters using their computer to use Fetcher, colleagues discussing a candidate's role or a snippet of a recruiter interviewing a candidate. We want to pull the viewer in and include them in the experience. We want them to feel a connection with the images provided.

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Frame 448.png

Abstract Interface Designs:

The Abstract Interface Designs mimic Fetcher’s software in blocked shapes, solid colors, enlarged typography, and dog profile pictures. The decision to use blocked shapes and/or typography is dependent on the copy/text/language corresponding to the graphic. If there is no text, we want to showcase the functionality of the page, we want the audience to look at it and understand the main feature(s) of this graphic.

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Fetcher Rebranded Website:

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