Designing digital experiences that are eccentric, lively, scintillating, and memorable.

Digital product designer for
like-minded creative brands.


I collaborate with creative & contemporary
brands of all types and sizes to create lasting
and visionary brands.



Help users have one singular and collaborative platform where they can plan, organize, and store their booking and travel
documents during travel.

A designer with multifaceted experience in UX UI design, illustration, digital design, print, social media, and photography.



Find solutions to increase the conversion
of accepted invites to event attendees.

It has been our pleasure to work with Jasmine. Her artistic talent and creative work have exceeded our expectations. She immediately understood what our vision was. Thank you Jasmine for your brilliant creativity and hard work.

Lauren Ellis

Office of the Mayor/Tourism & Marketing Assistant

City of North Charleston



Hairtelligence is a start-up customization hairstyling service for Black women. The online service lets women decide from sixty different options of customization, from the hairstyle, to the fiber, origin texture, length, and color.


The North Charleston Illustration

A lively and diverse city, historical North Charleston wanted a campaign that reflected its vibrant atmosphere and signaled that it's a worthy destination in its own right.


The Local Palate Magazine

The Local Palate is a nationally distributed Southern food culture magazine based in Charleston, South Carolina.


Dutti Restaurant and Wine Bar

Bright and airy
neighborhood osteria.



Toast to Spoleto

 I designed the branding to be bright and airy with illustrated Italian citrus fruits throughout to keep the materials true
to the essence of the event.

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